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Cora Health is an independent, socially engaged platform aiming to lower the blood pressure of millions of patients

About Cora Health

Hypertension is a serious illness. Every year more than 9.4 million people die of one of its sequelae worldwide - making hypertension deadlier than cancer, diabetes, or HIV.

It's Cora Health's mission to change that. The innovative eHealth platform helps users to sustainably improve their blood pressure. With an AI-based algorithm, Cora Health aims to provide its users with personalised hypertension treatment plans tailored to their needs.

1 out of 4 Every 4th adult suffers
from hypertension
1,100,000,000 1.1 billion people
affected globally
12.6% Hypertension causes
12.6% of all deaths


Cora Health App
Cora Health App — Download for free >>
  1. Top patient empowerment app in the field of heart health in Europe

  2. International team with members from various European countries

  3. Free app with premium features (monthly: € 2.99 or yearly: € 19.99)

Awards and recognition

  • World Summit Awards Logo

    » Most innovative national solution in the category Health & Well-Being «

    - World Summit Awards 2017

  • World Summit Awards Logo

    » One of the most innovative startups of the European Health Industry «

    - Health Innovation Landscape Europe 2019, The Next Web X

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Melanie Hetzer Melanie Hetzer

Phone: +43 664 / 246 11 33