Track and improve your heart health with Cora.

Cora helps you to track your blood pressure and encourages you to live healthier. Get ahead of your condition by applying our scientifically-backed lifestyle recommendations. Download Cora for free today and start improving your heart health!

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The majority of blood pressure patients could revert their condition, simply by adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

How it works

Cora helps you to improve your heart health by forming lasting lifestyle changes.
Just follow these three, simple steps.

Create weekly challenges

Challenge yourself to live healthier: create weekly goals for activities (like swimming), relaxation (such as meditation), and treatment tasks (like medication intake).

Document your condition

Complete your weekly challenges and document all data relevant to your condition such as blood pressure readings and medication intake.

Observe your progress

Observe your progress and heart health improvements with rich dashboards, insightful charts, and straightforward explanations.

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Improve your blood pressure and live longer

Treatment for hypertension has been associated with reductions in heart attack (average reduction of 20%-25%), stroke (35%-40%), and heart failure (more than 50%). Investing more time and effort into your heart health can make you feel better and prolong your life.