Cora Health Premium

We want to make sure you’re always doing great. Cora Health Premium is the perfect companion for everyone who wants to take their blood pressure therapy to the next level. Start into a new and healthier life without any friction - and for less than a coffee per month.


  • Log readings and medication
  • View weekly and monthly charts
  • View yearly and alltime charts
  • Create and complete challenges
  • Set task reminders for challenges
  • View task completion of previous weeks
  • Secure cloud sync (planning phase)
  • Export sophisticated PDF reports
  • Lock app using a passcode



How much is Cora Health Premium?

Cora Health Premium is an investment in your heart health. You can choose between an monthly or annual subscription plan.

Monthly £2.79 Upgrade now
Save 47%
Yearly £17.99 Upgrade now

How do I subscribe to Cora Health Premium?

You can subscribe to Cora Health Premium in our mobile app:
● Go to Settings > Account Settings
● Click Become a Premium Member
● Select the desired subscription length (monthly or annual) and click Get Premium

Why is Cora Health Premium a paid subscription?

We want to make the benefits of Cora Health accessible to as many blood pressure patients as possible. This is why we adopted a freemium model where users can chose between the use of basic functionality for free or all features for a small monthly or annual subscription fee.

We want to make sure that every Cora Health user - no matter if free or paid - enjoys the best experience possible. To achieve this, we regularly update our app with great new features and provide free customer support for those not getting along with the app or requiring in-depth assistance.

We also make sure that Cora Health has no incompatibilities as new iOS system versions are released and permanently monitor and fix bugs and improve the security of our mobile app as well as our cloud systems.

As a result, Cora Health is constantly improving as you’re using it.

How we use your subscription fees

Your subscription fee supports us to fund our expenses and help us to provide you with the best blood pressure management solution possible.

Your fee funds the following expenses:
● App Store marketplace fee (up to 30% of total fee amount)
● Value added tax (up to 25% of total fee amount)
● Operating costs such as server bills and accounting
● Marketing and advertising expenses
● Labour costs

We thank everyone of our subscribers for their contribution to bringing and keeping Cora Health alive.