We want to help you get a grip on your blood pressure

Our vision

It's our vision to empower patients to take the fate of their health into their own hands by helping them to improve their blood pressure with natural means - and without the need for medication - just by forming heart-healthy and lasting lifestyle changes.

Compass in a hand
Co-Founders of Cora

Who are we?

Cora is a dynamic startup founded by Josef Moser, MSc and Mag. Melanie Hetzer, MSc (WU). Among our mentors are medical and business advisors from HealthTech Nordic, Health2B accelerator and Lund University.

Why did we start Cora?

After our fathers were diagnosed with hypertension we were buffled, how little attention and care they received to treat and fight their condition. Even worse so, all treatment approaches were concentrated towards treating the symptom high blood pressure rather than its underlying causes such as diet, stress, or a lack of exercise.

Man reading his blood pressure
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Our goal

We decided to fix these issues and developed a user-friendly, high-quality app full with medical information, aiming to not only help improve the everyday lives of our fathers, but the millions of people around the world suffering from the condition.

"One in four adults is affected by high blood pressure. It's about time to change something about this."

Josef Moser - Co-Founder & CEO at Cora